What is going on in INDIA? #NoSafetyForGirl

This feeling of unsafe and insecurity is growing inside. A girl is not safe in her house, school, Temple. The terror of being abused or getting raped and murder is increasing day by day. No one taking a stand for them. People are just talking about it. Govt. is seeing it as a puppet show….

Stress Relief Therapy. #LifeStruggle

Stress Relief with shopping

Tale of tears. #Life’sProspective

A happy and sad prospective A woman is crying, because she is holding her newborn for the first time A man is crying, because that newborn is a girl child. A child is happy, Because after two days he got food. A young girl is sad, Because she is not getting her favorite dress for…

The Mystery Blogger Award. #HappyLife

Started this blog journey to share my thoughts, did not think much that I will get the great response from my follower friends here. I am overwhelmed and very excited that I am nominated for Mystery blogger award by¬†Foolchund Saahil. Thank you so much for nominating me for this award Foolchund, check it out his…